Rye Deli

Cheese Towers

Cheese for all occasions!

We host a great range of cheeses to bring variety and interesting choices for our customers. Local cheeses are always well represented. With the addition of English and Continental cheeses we bring you all the components for everyday enjoyment, impressive cheeeseboards and spectacular Cheese Towers.

Great for any occasion and probably one of the most cost-effective ways to entertain a large group of people.

Cheese Towers are always popular as a centre-piece for a party or as an alternative to the traditional wedding cake. We are happy to advise on how many cheeses you’ll need for the number of people you are entertaining and on the best composition for the tower to make the most dramatic and pleasing offering.

We are pleased to have organised cheese towers for numerous weddings and parties with great success.

852v9X7_V0EuYmc2qtk-DSF0B3ldRD1LIICixlV4MWe encourage all our customers putting together a cheese tower to come in and spend time in our Cheese Room to have a personalised tasting. We are also happy to share our knowledge and expertise on some key tips for success.