Rye Deli

On the Deli Shelves

On the Deli Shelves

You will always find a wide variety of carefully sourced foods….some for the everyday, larder staples and gourmet delights. We speak to suppliers from the local area and far flung places too to bring you a selection that suits palates no matter how adventurous!

Excellent oils and vinegars, spices and seasonings as well as aromatics to perk up the even the most daily dishes to ready mixes and sauces to put together a quick and easy mid-week supper!

Back of ShopGlazes and condiments that are must-haves for your store cupboard helping to enhance your special creations or everyday eating.  European, Continental, local and English producers are all given a presence in the Deli to bring about an appealing variety for all our customers. Seasonal products like Easter Colomba cakes or Christmas Pannetone are never overlooked and great care is taken in selecting from Artisan and or small Independent producers so you get more than is offered in the mass Supermarkets! We aim to stock to suit most budgets and to find something that is special and unique to gift or for your own pleasure.

Basilur Tea BooksBeautiful Tea Caddies by Williamson and Magor – a wonderful range in stock of their collectible Elephant Caddies.

Our Excellent range of Single Estate Ceylon tea in Caddies or ‘Tea Books’ have been exceptionally well received and make for a super gift.

Chocolate Bath Olivers … the best Biscuits … extravagant but once you’ve had these no biscuit will ever quite match up!

Fine Cheese Company – For the best in range of their delicious classics and creative and delicious fruited or seeded wafers and crackers

Pinks – the best Pesto range in a jar!!! The combinations are super … the product delicious and versatile … Rocket and Lemon or Smoked Tomato and Cashew …  just a couple within the range


Local Honey … well … just fantastic! In set, runny or honeycomb.

Selected Jams, Chutneys and Preserves under our own label … a wide choice to select from and a great gift to take back home with you.

Simply Ice-Cream … gorgeous flavours…and locally made…Stem Ginger and Marmalade a definite favourite as well as the Honeycomb …

Sicilian Sweet Treats … these are addictive! Small and beautifully formed treats that will have you coming back for more. Great that the almond based varieties are Gluten-Free too!

Kent and Fraser provide a great offering for those who seek out Gluten-Free options, whether in a sweet or savoury biscuit – the range has evolved over the years and there is something for all tastes!

Chocolates … well really just too many suppliers to mention but of course amongst the new and exciting there will always be the classics such as Bendicks Bittermints or Green & Blacks organic Chocolates sitting alongside the Beeches or Whittakers and let’s not forget the ever-popular (non-chocolate) Newberry Fruits.